Rendering Pork Fat a.k.a. Makin’ Lard

Rendering Pork Fat a.k.a. Makin’ Lard

In an attempt to make the most out of what we have (and make the most homemade products), we tried our hand at making lard. Trust me- I never, ever, thought I’d even come in contact with lard, even Crisco is difficult for me to cook with, however since I wasn’t planning on consuming it, the process created its own appeal. As a kid, we had an antique decor in the kitchen- I recall copper pots, a Charles Chips can and a large of Home Rendered Lard… It looked like this:

A&B lard

Anyway, knowing that soaps need fat and that we had our (yummy) pork share from our friends at– I requested some fat, watched a tutorial from HealthNutNation and got to work.


Pork Back Fat


Cutting the Fat


1/2 inch cubes


1st look before rendering began.


The first rendering results


Ladeling the liquid fat into jars. Note- use a stainless steel funnel- ours melted.


2nd half of render


Immediate results after pouring through a sifter.


Next day solidified result. Snow white 1st rendering on the left; 2nd rendering on the right.


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