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Celia meets "Dino" (boyfriend in residence)

Celia meets “Dino” (boyfriend in residence)


Well, it’s official: In addition to our Nigerian Dwarf, Ellie, who will be a third freshener in late June, we will have our two Nubians and one LaMancha (hopefully) bred during their next two cycles. Their “boyfriend” in residence arrived today. As pictured, you can see Celia was excited for the new company!

Ellie was quarantined for her own safety- she was reluctant to go on her own and needed to be carried. She is getting wider by the week, so that was a test of strength alone.

Our other two Nigerians are out visiting as well to prevent the conception of any accidental mini’s.

We have a busy week with the Bethlehem Farmer’s Market Opening Day tomorrow! We will be there with Quail Eggs & Soaps.

I hope to provide another update soon!

Ellie in Quarantine




As it turns out, our LaMancha and Nubians were not bred by Dino last year…But with our current move, they’ve been staying at Dino’s place for three months, so we hope to have babies again this year!

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